Girls' Day

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a good TGIF!
So, in preschool, we are making Hina dolls for the Hina-matsuri and they are all looking pretty good. A lot of the three year olds have made the craft all by themselves, without the help of a teacher but of course with some directions. I think the three-year olds have really grown a lot at Kids Smile; I'll surely miss them when they graduate next month.
By the way, if you were wondering how to say Hina-matsuri in English, it would be translated to "Girl's Day Festival." This is also celebrated in Hawaii and other parts of the U.S. where there is a large Japanese population. I remember seeing carp ("koi" as we all also say in Hawaii) streamers outside of people's home in Hawaii, and then I would realize it would be Boy's Day. And I would remember the dates of Girl's and Boy's Day because in the Japanese class I took in primary school, my teacher would say just remember "three-three" (3/3) and "five-five" (5/5), so it was easy to remember. In Hawaii, they would always sell the hishi mochi, which I really liked. Maybe I'll buy some on March 3rd to celebrate.
Looks delicious!

Here's an article about Girls' Day in Hawaii, although, it is quite old--from 2008. But we DO celebrate it there!
Happy reading, if you chose

Hope you guys have a great weekend.

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